Want to explore the different park but don’t know where to go. You like going to a national park there are so many to visit. Here are the top 3 national parks that you can visit that have great views so much to see that look like your background on your mobile. 

 Plitvice Lakes National Park

In 1979 this park is recognized as a world heritage site. This is one of the biggest and oldest parks in the world with that is a very large waterfall. The reason for the fall is the 16 different rivers that are flowing there. Every year there are over a million visitors visit the park each year. There are different trails to get to the site; one of the trails is through the Pljesevica Mountain. If you like spending your time next to the waterfall and listen to the flowing water maybe consider coming to this park. 

 Grand Teton National Park

This park is circling with mountain rage and the river and the fortes part. You can go hiking and swimming in the river. You can take a drive along the road to the park. You can go on a boat ride on the rivers and lakes. If you love historic building there is nearby if you like to go and see how the people lived in the countryside and what their buildings and why of living were like.   

Banff national park

This is one of the oldest parks in Canada. The two seasons to visit the park is in summer and in the winter. In the wintertime, you can go and ski. You can also go on a hike and see the Rocky Mountains, waterfalls and just enjoy the smell of nature. You can go and see the wildlife and go on a boat ride on the lake and see what has nature for you to see. If you look up to the mountain on top of it will see the snow and will feel the cold in the wintertime. If you are in Banff you can also go to the shopping mall to do a little shopping if you like. 

 If you are someone that loves nature this is the best place to visit and to explore.  You can take photos of the beautiful views. And make it your known background and you can say you have visited that place and you can visit other places that will give you the same views and so much more.

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